Plie dumbbell squat

Plie dumbbell squat

Опубликовано: 21 апр. 2014 г.

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This unique squatting movement is excellent for targeting the inner quads and adductor muscles. Since it requires holding a single DB between the thighs it is not an exercise meant for low reps. It is best utilized as the second movement in a quads superset or a high-rep “finishing” exercise. Gyms are filled with women that love performing PLIE’ DB SQUATS to tone and strengthen the insides of the thighs, but rarely do you see men hitting this movement. But let me tell you something, after doing an all-out set of leg presses or leg extensions, this exercise can be quite a killer if you are man enough to grab a heavy DB and squat deep into the hole. I personally do these myself on occasion as part of a super, or even tri-set, and they can be quite devistating while holding a 120 lb. DB! You can give it a shot this week as part of your B Built workouts!


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